Category: Franco-Irish Relations

Franco-American Religious Controversies: The Corporation Sole

When the Irish men arrived they saw themselves displaced by the French who were occupying their usual pews. This situation did not endure for long, as the French worshippers, offering only minimal resistance, were forcibly dragged out into the aisles. – Philip T. Silvia, Jr., “The Spindle City: Labor, Politics, and Religion in Fall River, […]

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Franco-American Religious Controversies: Cahensly and the Lay Catholic Congress

The importance of Catholic societies, the necessity of union and concert of action to accomplish aught, are manifest. These societies should be organized on a religious, and not on a race or national basis. We must always remember that the Catholic Church knows no north or south, no east or west, no race, no color. […]

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Franco-American Religious Controversies: The Flint Affair

[T]heir singular tenacity as a race and their extreme devotion to their religion, and their transplantation to the manufacturing centres and the rural districts in New-England means that Quebec is transferred bodily to Manchester and Fall River and Lowell. – “The French Canadians in New England,” New York Times (June 6, 1892), 4. By no […]

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